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Most web sites say “thanks for visiting” when you land on them
Few, if any, do it when you’re leaving them.
We like to do things differently.
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We’ve seen many qr code offerings that show menus.
But many of them just point to a file stored somewhere.
Quite often it’s a .pdf file.
And we think they’re quite clunky to download and read – especially on smaller screens.
That’s why we chose to present the qr code scans for Show My Menu as web pages.
They should load as fast as your internet connection allows.
And show on any size screen – mobile, tablet, laptop, PC….indeed on large screen displays.
The codes are “evergreen” and can be changed to point to different pages – to a summer menu and then changed to a winter menu.
That means no money and resources need to be wasted on reprinting physical items where the code had been already printed.
The web pages can be updated to reflect latest prices.
And because Show My Menu uses WordPress – you can get it to do things like leaving an extra tab open on a visitor’s browser.
And links can be added… this one to the home page of the site.