Why Socrates Theme and Plugin?

Socrates Theme and its Toolkit Plugin come as part of a package that has been well maintained over the years.

The Video feature in the Toolkit Plugin was the first that allowed me the freedom to use videos of any dimension I wanted.

Importantly it allowed for the video controls to appear wholly separate from the videos themselves.

I felt this was key to distraction-free viewing and gave the viewer a clearer picture of what was being portrayed.

Especially on the smaller screens of mobile telephones.

I have tried other WP themes and hmtl pages.  All delivered the videos BUT there was a dirty grey colouring that appeared between the video and controls.

That dirty grey also appeared when the videos were configured to played on coloured pages.

Will it work on your theme?

Unless you’re already a  Socrates Theme user then you may wish to test this for your set-up.

I have prepared a special test video and image.

Download the image and upload it to your Media Gallery.

The copy-and-paste this code into a new page.

Replace the “image goes here” text with the URL of the image in your Media Gallery.

Save / update the page and view it.